Why Novation Academy

  • Our approved training сourses are designed and structured to produce “Operationally-ready” Pilots
  • Our modern aircraft fleet comprises both single and multi-engine aircrafts with the latest full glass cockpit technology
  • Our instructors are training experts, selected among the best and standardized to modern training methods.
  • The flight school benefits from a large airspace whilst having the benefit of being located near to other airports to enhance your training experience diversity.

The aviation industry has a lot of training centers across Southeast Asia and there are a lot of factors that can impact the choice of education. But what makes the NOVATION Academy outstanding from the audience's perspective?

To start, the two bases in Cambodia: Phnom Penh International Airport (VDPP) and Dara Sakor International Airport (VDDS). These two centers guarantee national North/South coverage and reduce the school's dependence from a single airport infrastructure.

We complete our flight training with the Elite PI-1000 Flight Simulation Training Device. It is configurable with a glass cockpit and multiple types of aircrafts including single engine and twin-engine aircraft.

The fact NOVATION Academy has in-house maintenance carried out by our sister company VulcamAir , means we have total control over the quality of mechanical interventions and greater fleet readiness for instruction.
All our aircrafts are new and equipped with Garmin glass cockpit G3X or G1000 avionics. Our Magnus Fusion -212 single engine trainer aircraft approved for Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) and Intentional Spins course are equipped with Ballistic Parachute System.

The ICAO Aviation English course we also offer to our students allows them to improve their skills before taking this important exam.
We have a specialized team who will help you through the entire process of your training, facilities with the appropriate conditions for you to thrive in and all the course support you will need.

World-class, Computer-Based (CBT) and Classroom-Based Ground School Training

  • Magnus Fusion 212 equipped with Garmin G3X Touch avionic, autopilot and Ballistic Parachute System. Approved for UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) and Spin training
  • Tecnam 2006, modern twin-engine aircraft equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics and autopilot

Our fleet

Our stu­dents can learn and prac­tice on sim­ple, com­plex or twin engine air­craft; basic to advanced instru­men­ta­tion and avion­ics such as RMIs, HSIs, Flight Direc­tors and GPS. You will learn quicker, retain skills longer and become bet­ter avi­a­tors.

Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) Elite PI-1000

You’ll work with experienced Flight Instructors and airline faculty having a passion for teaching – they care about your success and will spend the time needed to ensure that you understand the material, stay motivated, and accomplish your aviation goals.